In memoriam Đani Šverko (1941 -2014)

Đani Šverko 1

Almost every boy born in Buzet has dreamt to be just like him, to whizz about in the legendary Abarth and chase one victory after the next. Đani was a true Buzet idol and this is how he is going to be remembered by us all. He was and will always remain a true Champion, his name going down in history of motor racing.

Đani adored speed and cars. Every race was approached with great effort and heart, energy, passion and enthusiasm as it was not only about taking part in them – it was about winning! His strength, great spirit and desire made him loved and admired by so many.

In 1982, the first Buzetski Dani event, Đani raced in order to give support the new race, the young Organising Team and other drivers, all enthusiasts and passionate just like himself. Even though he retired in the eighties, his love for motor racing never diminished.

After concluding his racing career Đani set upon collecting racing cars, his collection amounting to the most impressive one in Croatia. His dream was to establish a museum. Sadly it did not come true…

He raced the Buzet track in 2011 for the last time….

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