Holding his father by the hand as a small boy and strolling along the Drivers’ Park, Patrik knew that this event was a major one in his hometown. Everyone was talking about it at school, in the streets and among his friends. So while others kept on talking about the race Patrik vivoda moved on. He stopped looking at the attractive and alluring Ferraris and admiring his idols; he stopped being part of the crowd. He became an active member of Buzetski Dani. A competitor. His dream has come true!

His racing career began in 2008 in the Autocross. As he was only 16, this was the only discipline he was allowed to race in and only a year later he got his first cup. By 2010 he had assembled his first true car – a Yugo, and starred as a fore driver along the Buzet track. Unsurprisingly, almost each Monday his cup collection had got bigger and bigger. This year he’s chasing a new cup in his Citroen AX in E1 up to 1400 ccm³.

Patrik Vivoda takes part in the variety of races and disciplines home and abroad so it is only natural to expect a marvellous career ahead this young and prosperous driver.

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