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Legendary Komušćica curve, thousands of fans and only one European Champion in Category I. Igor Stefanovski. Red-yellow flags fluttering in the breeze, wide grins and tears of joy everywhere. This is the scene at last year’s race which everyone remembers; it’s the scene which took the name of Buzet around the motor sport world of Europe.

– “The best feeling ever!!! And by far the most outstanding celebration in Buzet accompanied by many Macedonian fans. Even last year I said that Buzet was my home ground; my home race. People here have the soul, the race has the soul. And it’s something indescribable! The best sensation in my whole career so far”, said Igor Stefanovski.

He can still remember his first race in 2002, starring in his brother’s Yugo Hybrid. Continuing with the races in 2003, it is still what he does to this very day: “I simply enjoy the races. It’s my life and I honestly don’t know how I would manage without them. I adore speeds – it’s a magical, fast world”.

– “This season of the EHC is quite interesting, hard and sometimes difficult for me and my team. Nevertheless, all the efforts are going to pay off”. He is just a step away from the new European title.

-“I have had remarkable results: 9 victories, one third and one second place. What makes me even happier is the number of records broken this season in my Class. Overall, I hold seven, perhaps the eighth is beckoning in Buzet! I am definitely racing at Buzetski Dani – me, my team and, hopefully, even more Macedonian fans – the opportunity one cannot miss!!!”

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