Swiss Ducommun the Fastest after Both Practices


The Swiss driver Julien Ducommun in his OsellaFA 30 is the fastest driver after the two Practices held today. Ducommun drove the 5001 metres long track in 2.17,957 leaving the Czechs Miloš Beneš and Otakar Kramsky behind. Intrestingly engouh, Docommun did not complete the first Practice due to technical troubles, making his first time a pleasant surprise. In Category E1 of the sports cars Tomislav Muhvić reached a fantastic result, too. Here we have to add Croatian drivers Niko Pulic in his Formula and Robert Bradaric in the Sports cars category.

The first Practice lasted almost four hours and the second a little over three, with a few breaks and pauses caused by Marko Cosa who had a minor accident but managed to fix his car for the second Practice. Gianfranco Muzio unfortunately did not manage to reach the Finish line in his Renault RS Maxi Turbo. Tough luck for the Czech Martin Sipek, too who pulled out his steering wheel and just about managed to stop on the curbe of the track.

About two thousand spectators watched the Practices today.

The first Heat kicks off at 9 a.m. and the second at 1.30 p.m. after the Opening Ceremony.

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