Beneš the fastest, Muhvić one step from fulfilling his dream


The frst Training is completed, with 213 drivers on the Start line, 162 of them competing.

There are no surprises as far as times are concerned – Beneš continues his Ilirska Bistrica sequence and is a possible favourite after driving 2.21,650. Otakar Kramsky is also great as well as the young Patrik Zajelsnik, the chip of the old block, Josefa Zajelsnik.

Tomislav Muhvić was absoluely brilliant, relaxed and driving like a dream, just a step away from ulfilling it. Robert Bradarić the best Croatian drvier in Category 1 and could beat his biggest competition, Istvana Kavecza.

The first Practice took about 4 hours as there were some breaks, nothing serious. 145 completed it successfully.

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