189 Drivers at the Start…Rain “Tailored” the Times


189 regular and 47 Promo drivers started in the first Practice of the 33rd Buzetski Dani. As expected, the best time was grabbed by the Italian, Simone Faggioli – somewhat slower than what we are used to, but brilliant nevertheless. The rain took its toll!
Sure enough, it was pouring in Buzet this morning, forcing the drivers to go easy on the gas pedals. The Czech, Miloš Beneš came just after Faggioli, 8,31 seconds behind (2:44,473 ), while Otakar Kramsky (2:56,189) came third. Unfortunately, Federico Liber swirled his formula entering into the first curve.

Domagoj Pereković (AK Zanatlija, Mitsubishi Lancer EVO IX), came fourth and Siniša Krainc seventh overall, but second in the Croatian Championship. Meaning, he was a tad faster than the Champion, Igor Stefanovski. The rain absolutely played a big part in the first Practice!

It did stop drizzling in the early afternoon so we can expect better times in the second Practice.


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