Simone Faggioli after the Record, Federico Liber Confirms his Third Place

Simone and Federico

It’s only Thursday but European top drivers have already been seeting camp in Buzet – the nine-fold European Champion and ten-fold Champion of Italy Simone Faggioli is really here with us! Already the 2014 European Champion in Category II, he has announced he’s going after the track record, meaning chasing his own achievement from 2012. This is what he has told us today, n teh eve of the final EHCC event:

– I truly hope for the sun. Teh possible rain will spoil all the fun for us as well as for the public. Nevertheless, I will do my best in the runs. Weather permitting, i’ll try to go for the new record.

*Last year you weren’t able to come here. This year you’ve managed to do it despite the Italian Championship race coinciding with us?

– Well, I do owe it to the Organizer as I couldn’t make it in 2013. I was terribly sorry to have missed teh event as the energy here is welcoming, warm and friendly. Besides, i am here to support Federico Liber and we are going to try to get back home with the best possible results.

*This is what Federico had to tell us on the upcoming race:

– This is my first time in Buzet. I checked the track earlier on and i like it very much. If I drive well, I will be third in the EC.

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