Surprising Outcome – Miloš Beneš Wins


The 32nd Buzetski Dani have a winner! The Czech driver Miloš Beneš with the time of 2.17,562 took the first place, followed by  Otakar Kramski. Patrick Zajelsnik came third.  Unfortunately, the Swiss favourite, Julien Ducommun did not manage to run in the second heat as his Formula would not start. Needles to say, all the breaking-the-record speculations failed, too! In Category I the Champion is finally Croatian, after ten long years, Tomislav Muhvić.

The Croatian Championship remains without surprises. In Category E2 Niko Pulic was fastest after both heats while in Sports cars Category, Robert Bradaric takes the steady lead.

The heats today were coloured by breaks and retirements, finishing at 6 p.m. the longest time ever for this fenomenal event, visited by thousands of spectators.

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