SERGIJE VUJOVIĆ (1936 – 2014), Paddock Marshal

He lived for and with the Race: from the tiny „Fićo“ to the powerful Formula

Mr. Sergije Vujović was born in the city of Titograd, presently Podgorica, in 1936 but war troubles made him leave his hometown in early childhood. Refugee life lead Sergije from the province of Vojvodina through many parts of Croatia only to finally land him in Pula, Istria. During those difficult times he did manage to become a teacher and started his career in the village of Lanišće, near Buzet. Being an active and energetic person, he campaigned for the school construction in nearby Lupoglav, succeeded in his aims and became its first Principal. In 1974 his career continued in Buzet, where he took the role of heading the Kindergarten and after that the Grammar School. A period of time saw him in Buzet Deffence Office, too. Sergije deservedly took his pension in “Istarski Vodovod”, Water Supply Facility in Buzet where he worked for 15 years.

Back in his teacher days in lanišće, he met Milica who became his wife in 1963, when they had their first son, Zoran. In 1970 the small family moved to Buzet and in 1977 Saša, known as Wuso was born.
Sergiije was a huge enthusiast and promoter of sports in Buzet and won the handball Ladies Marshal Tito Cup. He loved football, volleyball as well as boccie and those who had the honour of knowing him, remember that he was always spending his time around sports fields, gyms and pitches. He was particularly attached to Buzetski Dani, though and took part in its organisation from day one, passing his love and passion to his son, Saša.
“I remember that in that first year his duties were at Most. In those days the parking area in front of Cimos was covered in gravel. Sporting his hat, he called and led the drivers towards the Start”, says Saša.
Sergije carried out this function almost to his final days, his last race being the one in 2012 when he retired due to ill health. His passion and pride of motor racing are further confirmed by Saša, who says:
“I believe he adored this race as it brought to Buzet drivers from all over Jugoslavia and in the nineties, Europe. He was thoroughly fascinated by the Event’s growth and success: from the tiny “Fićos” and “Jugos” it reached the powerful formulas! He was always glad being a part of the spectacle”.

DALIBOR BRGODAC – BRGI (1971 – 2012), Torch Display Coordinator

When the torch light fades …

Dalibor Brgodac – Brgi was born in Koper and spent his childhood in Buzet, where he completed his early education. His Secondary School days continued in Rijeka, providing him with the knowledge and skills of car bodywork. Tied to the profession, he worked with cars to his very last days. Brgi was a huge fan and devotee of Buzetski Dani as well as one of the leading coordinators of the torch display at the curve of Komušćica, honouring and celebrating all the drivers on their way to the Start line after the race.
“Just like his whole generation, he had a special passion for motor sport. As a kid I was always dragged along with him to both nearby and far races. From the very start, Buzetski Dani was an exceptional event for him; it was growing and developing slowly only to become such a big success it is today”, remembers his cousin, Ivo.
Even though he is not present anymore, Brgi will in a way always be around at the finish of every Buzetski Dani event. With the light of that first torch at Komušćica curve.

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